Our milk channels

We are one of the most important milk producers in Lithuania. Nordic proteins processes around 80 million kg of milk each year. We procure around 60% of our milk directly from farmers or from private agricultural companies, with the remaining 40% from cooperatives or from milk trading companies.

Nordic proteins (formerly known as HOCHDORF Baltic Milk) has been operating in Lithuania since 2003. Since we launched the business we have always sought to develop and expand our partnership with milk produc-ers. Our cooperation is based on trust and on the understanding that partners can always rely on each other, even during times of economic difficulty.

Milk producers

Our milk channels milk producers with detailed information on market developments and milk price projections. Our strategy of working closely with the milk producers has proved effective, forging a strong bond between our company and our milk suppliers.

We use the following guidelines for milk procurement:

  • We only acquire milk from large operators able to guarantee constant supply and very high quality.
  • On account of our geographical location around 25 km from the Latvian border, we also source considerable milk quantities from large-scale Latvian companies with a first-rate infrastructure
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